August 20, 2008

Bloggers away!

I've been seeing so many blogs on the Internet, I thought I should start one myself.

I've read that the most interesting blogs are about something the blogger loves to do and can tell others how to do it, too!

I love to cook! I hardly ever use a recipe - and if I do, I usually just read the recipe then wing it to make to my own tastes... adding here, leaving out an ingredient, and so on.

So, on this blog, you'll get to see what I cook (usually for dinner) complete with pictures, quasi-recipes, and how-to's!

There's a poll at the bottom of this page... let's hear what you like!

I hope you'll visit often and will enjoy my blog!



  1. Good girl! Hope you get lots of comments and results. Love you, your Dad

  2. Good idea! I'll have to check in often to see what you are cooking up! Those potatoes sound great. I'll have to make them sometime! Love you

  3. Those potatoes sound great....I love red potatoes too! Barry is a lucky guy! xoxox


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