September 20, 2008

Our Busy Saturday

Today is Festival Days in Havre. This annual event celebrates the completion of the area's harvest. There are events all weekend long - baseball tournaments, arts and crafts shows, a parade, and a pancake breakfast, to name a few.

We thought we'd do a little harvesting for ourselves. First we picked apples. The apples were all you could pick - for free! Yay!We'll peel, slice, and freeze the apples. Then we went to the Farmers Market - the last one until next July.
Then we went to harvest some sweet corn. There's a money box at the entrance to the field with a sign: "Honor System. Pick corn. Put money here. $3/dozen." B & I picked 5 dozen ears.
We gave some to the Havre Relatives and froze the rest. Wow... this corn is the best!
A burlap bag, bursting with fresh-picked corn!
After our harvest, we stopped in at 5th Ave GRIND, a coffee house and sandwich shop... (on 5th Ave!).
We don't eat out much because, you know, I like to cook.
I got a "Northern Lights", which is roast beef, horseradish, and grilled onions, au jus. The meal came with chips and a pickle. We each got a free soda because we bought a coupon book from Anthony, the oldest kid of the Havre Relatives.
I think B rolled his eyes when I took this picture:
So, here's our bounty. Acorn squash and green & yellow zucchini from the Farmers Market, and the apples and corn we picked ourselves.
Today we plugged in the big freezer.

Here's to the Harvest!

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  1. Wow! The appleas and corn look wonderful. I wish we had something like that here. :)


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