November 28, 2008

How to make venison sausage

1. Move 1500 sqare feet of stuff you (and he) have been collecting (separately) for the last 50+ years from Southern California to Central Montana. $23,000.00

2. Buy non-resident hunting license $75.00

3. Purchase a Remington Model 700 Mountain LSS Rifle, 6285, Stainless: $798.99

4. Purchase jackets, long-sleeved shirts, long underwear, ear muffs, hats, gloves, boots and other miscellaenous cold weather clothing $364.58

5. Purchase knives, binoculars, scope, ammo, gun cleaning equipment, game carrier and other miscellaneous items $421.53

6. Awaken at 6:00 AM.

7. Pack ice chest with sandwiches, water and sodas.

8. Carry hundreds of pounds of gear to vehicle.

9. Buy gasoline for traveling to find deer $63.20

10. Shoot deer and walk for miles looking for it in tall grass.

11. Field dress deer.

12. Return home at 6:30 PM.

13. Skin deer. Butcher deer. Package meat. Carry 30-40# packaged meat to freezer. 14. Grind meat for sausage. Add seasonings. Look for sausage stuffer that was misplaced during move from California to Montana.

15. Go to WalMart for more vaccum pack bags. $19.74
16. Feed casing onto sausage maker.
17. Feed ground and seasoned venison into sausage maker while another person ties off sausages.

18. Pour another beer & Clamato. Take a break to relieve back pain from standing for hours.

19. Wash knives, grinder, pots, pans, counter tops, floors and walls.

20. Pour another beer & Clamato.21. Package and take sausages to freezer. The next day, repeat from #6.

Cost per pound: $47.53


  1. That's hilarious. :) My husband used to love going hunting, growing up in Dallas. He went bow hunting, actually.

    Where did you live in SoCal?

    The end result is awesome, but I think I'll leave it to the pros. ;)

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by... we lived in the Imperial Valley (100 miles east of San Diego in the desert). I was a frequent visitor to OC when my daughter lived in Seal Beach. We use our bows more for target practice than hunting - it's so much fun!

  3. This is perfect and so true! We forget all the costs that go into the "FREE" home made sausage! But it makes a great story doesn't it? I would like to make my own sausage some day, some day.

  4. This is too funny - I have a hunter friend I am going to forward this to right now!


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