December 31, 2008

Chicken Piccata

I'm not a big fan of food with a strong lemon flavor. My gardener isn't a big fan of foods with a vinegary flavor. So why did I choose to make Chicken Piccata where the main ingredients are lemon and capers? Because I like vinegary things and he likes lemon! This dish was a trade-off between the two. I got this recipe from Epicurious and you can find it here.
I butterflied two boneless, skinless chicken breasts and pounded them to about 1/4" thick.
Season some flour with salt and pepper, dredge the chicken and fry in olive oil until browned and cooked through. Remove chicken from the pan and bring wine, lemon juice and chicken broth to a boil. Whisk in a butter-flour mixture to thicken, stir in the capers, parsley and more butter!
The recipe called for 1/4 cup lemon juice, but I used only 3 tablespoons. The recipe also called for 1/4 cup capers - I only used a few tablespoons and rinsed them before adding them to the sauce to get rid of most of the vinegar taste.

I served the chicken with orzo and the result was perfect for us - a light lemon-flavored sauce with just a slight tang from the capers. If you've never had chicken piccata, give this a try - I'm sure you'll like it!


  1. Oooo this looks salivating!!! lol

    Happy New Year..and enjoy your lobster... i soooo can't wait to dunk my and be really bad and use LOTS o BUTTER :)

  2. That sounds and looks scrumptious! Happy New Year!

  3. I've never put capers in anything, I always thought they were salty. I think I'll pick a bottle up though and try this, I love lemon! Happy New Year Karen!


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