January 22, 2009

Red Curry Shrimp

My cousin, Jeffrey lives in Houston. We email frequently and talk a lot about a lot of things. He is a gifted writer and makes me laugh and think and appreciate things in life that I might not otherwise.

Jeffrey loves to cook, too. In one of our many emails I told him I didn't care for curry. He (for some time now) has been telling me how great red curry is and I finally took him up on his suggestion to try it.
I made Red Curry Shrimp. It was easy to prepare and was delicious over plain old white rice.
Now I'm off to find other recipes for this new found taste! Thanks, Jeffrey!


  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE me some curry! Why do you tempt me so in the middle of the work day???

  2. I love curry....but I am not sure I have ever had red curry. I will have to try this recipe, because on of my favorite ways to eat curry is with shrimp. I adore Thai food....just the thought of it now makes me want to go get some!

    Thanks for the recipe!!!!

  3. I made something very similar last week! This looks delicious.

  4. With shrimp, red curry and coconut milk this sounds really good!

  5. I love Thai curries sooooooo much. Red, green and Panang. I don't feel like going out for food, but I was craving it tonight and you're not helping! ;)


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