February 12, 2009

How to Make a Chocolate Cake

When my daughter was six years old I asked her to write down the ingredients she would use to make a chocolate cake. You can see her simple recipe. All she needed were six strawberries and a pound of sugar. I'm sure I helped her with the spelling on this card...
... and not on this one. She was seven years old when she wrote this recipe card. The spelling was definitely her own. She still had the strobarereas in the recipe, but also had the addition of some jelli bins. Apparently this was going to be her birthday cake. I know that because she wanted sevin candols on the cake.
This card was written in 1993 when she was 11 years old. Ah, she was getting better at this! No strawberries this time, though and it seems like the most important instruction was to EAT!!! the cake.

Finally, in 1997 I asked her to do this again. She didn't want to. She was 15 years old and I suppose it seemed kind of a silly thing to do. But I told her she had to, because I am the mother after all.


  1. Karen~

    I love this! How cute!!! It's great that you have saved this, it's really precious :-)

  2. It's priceless!! Such sweet memories!

  3. awe.....me too, I love it! I have three boys....I'll have to e-mail you one of their notes. LOL

  4. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ha! That's great. I'm sending a link of this post to my mother. Hopefully she still remembers the first time I made a cake. ;)

  6. Karen this is so sweet! I love that you did this with her and saved them to share! When is that carrot cake round up? Hope I didn't miss it.

  7. That gave me quite a smile. :)

  8. How cute is that?!
    Strawberries and sugar, of course! What else would you need in a chocolate cake? ;)
    Be well, Karen.
    Maryann xox

  9. I think this is so beautiful! Thank you, I need this today!

  10. This is amazing! I love that you saved all of these cards for so many years, how does she feel about this today? I must say it is certainly impressive that she knew the abbreviation for 'pound' at age six :) I'm sure she learned from the master (yes, that would be you :) from a very young age!

  11. Thanks, everyone :)

    Jenn: I'm sure I helped her with the spelling (and even the abbreviations) when she wrote the first card... as evidenced by the spelling on the second card! LOL

    She hasn't seen this yet on my blog. I should as her to write another card. She's 26 now and *should* know how to make a chocolate cake ;)

  12. This was such a fun post to read, Karen, and I'm sure it brings back so many memories for you and your daughter. My girls always cooked with me, but they didn't write recipes!

  13. L

    Okay, so this is the daughter writing. First of all, anything with a pound of sugar in it is MY kind of dessert! ha! And to Jenn, I am so glad my mom asked me to write stuff like this. I'm not surprised that she's kept it because there are notes that I've written for her (and hidden for her to find later) that she still keeps in her wallet. (love you, mom) :) and that's the kind of mommy I am, and continue to want to be.
    Mom, as for asking me to write another recipe for chocolate cake, I'm sure it would look similar to the one I wrote 11 years ago. LOL
    this is great, and I really did LOL while reading this. :)


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