February 25, 2009

Thematic Photographic 38: Winter

Carmi's theme this week for Thematic Photographic is winter. Check out other entries at written, inc.

This shovel appears to be somewhat of a threat to the winterized plant. "Bloom or be dug up!" No fear... come Summer, this plant will bloom with beautiful purple flowers that will last until Fall.

For the Birds


  1. The bird feeder looks like it might be a tough nut to crack. Then again, I don't have a (real) beak, so maybe it's not.

    Nice work here!

  2. Hi Karen. Nice photos! I'm ready for spring, I think :)

  3. I love the sepia tones on the shovel picture, very nice!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I really love the shovel!!!

  5. LOL at "bloom or be dug up" haha!

    Spring is on the way no matter what your temperature was yesterday, soon your purple flowers will be visible again :)

    Great shots!

  6. I love just about any photo with sepia tones, so the shovel does it for me. The harshest subjects become so much warmer in sepia!

  7. Sepia photograph is my favorite.
    rofl at bloom or be dug up!!!!

  8. I love the stark beauty of both of these photos, Karen. Good monochrome choices in both cases, as they're very strong compositions that practically scream winter at us.

    Which reminds me...I hope our own neighborhood birds aren't hungry!

  9. Great shots. I love the first one in Sepia. I just love Sepia in general ;-)


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