April 22, 2009

How does your garden grow? Week 1

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

Remember that Nursery Rhyme? Sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? Read this and thank your lucky stars you didn't know the origin of this rhyme when you were a little kid. Yikes!

My friend and neighbor, Debbie at Friday Friends has a weekly Wednesday thing going on called What's Outside Your Kitchen Window? She invites us to take a picture of what we see outside the kitchen window each Wednesday and she puts a round-up on her blog.
This is what I see when I look out my kitchen window. The deck, a thermometer, a chiminea and the garage. Oh, and don't forget the nice shot of the screen window. Because this picture wouldn't change much over the weeks, I told Debbie I'd play along but would take pictures of my garden instead so we could see how it progressed throughout the summer.
So, here we go. We've started the garden indoors with some herbs (savory, lavender, parsley, basil and rosemary) and some ornamental poppies and nastursium.

These hanging pots don't look like much now but before summer is over they'll be full of color! I think I want to plant some red geraniums in these and hang them off the back of the deck.
I planted some lillies in this half-barrel.
This strip of dirt along the garage has peonies, gladiolus, rhubarb and other flowers yet to be determined!
And here's the raised bed garden where we'll plant spinach, green onions, bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and who knows what else!

Well, that's my garden tour - or what I would see outside my kitchen window if it weren't for the obstacles! Although we had a high temperature of 81 degrees yesterday and 76 today, the next few days calls for rain and snow and lows around 25, so it might be a week or two before we can get things in the ground.

Take a minute to visit Debbie's blog and see what other people see outside their windows!


  1. It's really tough to garden with the weather extremes you're experiencing. Your garden looks as though it's set to go when Mother Nature cooperates.

  2. We have tilled our garden but the weather has kept us from doing anymore. ONe day it's warm and sunny the next (like today) you're wearing a winter coat!!

  3. I love the look of your raised bed. I might have to steal the block idea and tell people it was mine.

    I'm having fun anyway. I love to see people's yards. And then I wish I could go over for a BBQ.

    I just want to be rich and travel around and meet all my blogging friends.

  4. I'm so jealous of your garden - it's so lovely - My deck will have to do.

  5. I really wish I had a patch of land for a garden. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures as it grows.

  6. I love watching my garden grow! I take pictures all year long from start to finish. I will enjoy watching yours grow, too!

  7. Thanks for a neat garden tour! I myself lack the green thumb so I'm always fascinated how others can do it!

  8. I'm wicked jealous of your garden. I want one so bad!

  9. Looks like you're off to a good start. Growing from seed drives me nuts. I s'pose if I watered consistently, I'd have better results. :-)

    I think posting pictures of your garden's progress is a great idea. I'm looking forward to it.

  10. I love living in San Antonio because I can have a year-round garden. When I lived in Chicago, I always had to wait for Mother's Day before I could begin growing my garden. :)

  11. Hi Karen :)

    Rain & snow?! It's supposed to be 80 here on Saturday. Maybe you'll get that weather next :)

    Your garden is going to be fantastic! Oh and that poem... yikes!


  12. Looks like your going to have a great garden this summer. We have yet to plant because a week and a half ago we still had freezing temps at night. I think we are safe for now and I can't wait to get stuff planted.

  13. I'm so jealous. Your garden is so organized. And thanks for reminding me...ornamental poppies. I love them but I never think of planting them. I'm looking forward to all the color you've got planned! BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. I love the half-barrel and you raised garden! Looks like there will be a profusion of plants in your yard. We are scaling back this year after being overly ambitious with our first-ever garden last year - just tomatoes, herbs and one or two other veggies. Hope you'll post more pictures of your gardens!

  15. Looks like you are off to a great gardening season Karen. I love raised beds.. they are just so much more managable especially when it comes time to weed. Compost them thick & you are good to go! You're lucky to have so many sunny locations. Hope you keep us updated on it's progress.

  16. I can't wait to get our garden going. My seddlings are still trying to harden over. We have them out today with great risk as the chipmunks like to kill them. We will have 87 degree weather today to so I need to get those little seedlings inside!


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