June 13, 2009

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I scream... you scream... we all scream for ice cream! Yay!

I'd been searching for recipes to use some of the mint I have growing and decided that I'd start with ice cream!

First I made the ice cream base, then I located my 30-year-old ice cream maker... yes, it's electric, and it was one of the first ice cream makers out that you could use table salt and ice cubes. I probably haven't used it a half-dozen times in the last 30 years.

I put the custard in the can, added salt and ice cubes and one cup of water to the well, as directed. Immediately water started pouring out of the bottom of the well. After I took it apart, I discovered the ice cream maker had a three inch crack along the bottom. I didn't want to go buy another ice cream maker, so I called my gardener, who never throws anything out. "I could have fixed that!" he's said to me many, many times! Okay, I lived too long on my own... if something broke and I couldn't fix it, I'd get rid of it and buy a new one. I'm finally learning that when something breaks I should just hand it over to my gardener.

When I told him I just needed a temporary fix, given the number of times I make ice cream, he suggested the trusty hot glue gun! Yes! A line of hot glue along the crack and I was good to go!
Put some mint leaves in milk, bring to a simmer, cover and let sit for a while.
I wanted an appealing green color to the ice cream, so added a drop of green food coloring. After you've made your custard, the milk is strained and added to it.
Process according to your ice cream maker's instructions and freeze for at least four hours.

After the custard was frozen, I folded in some mini-chocolate chips. The ice cream is cool, creamy and delicious with just a hint of mint. Perfect for a summer's day treat!


  1. Sounds perfect! I love fresh mint ice cream...so summery :D

  2. That looks soooooo good. This flavor has been my favorite since I was a little girl.

  3. It looks so good and refreshing. Nice job!

  4. I'd love a dish of this refreshing ice cream right about now!
    I have an ice cream maker hanging out in our attic that we've had for 31 years... this gives me hope that it might still work!

  5. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of my absolute favorites. I don't think I've ever had it made with fresh mint, I bet it's amazing.

  6. That's my favorite flavor of ice-cream.
    Love your gardener!

  7. This ice cream looks so good and mint chocolate chip is always my favorite! I really need to get an ice cream maker!

  8. summery with a capital summer - this sounds so refreshing!

  9. This looks really delicious and refreshing. Love mint chocolate chip. :)

  10. This looks sooooooo flipping fantastic, mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor. Ice cream maker - on the growing list of small appliances to purchase!

  11. Hmm, might have to try making this with soy or almond milk - looks fantastic!
    Peace, Judi

  12. Mint and chocolate chip ice cream is one of my favorites and I really like the sound of making it with fresh mint leaves! I looks so cool and refreshing and good!

  13. This is my husband's ABSOLUTE favorite ice cream! If he thought that I passed this recipe over, he would never forgive me so I'm saving and printing it out immediately! It's the perfect summer treat - minty, cream coolness!


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