February 1, 2010

The Best Online Grocery Sites

Do you love to shop?  Are you one of those people who can go into a department store and look at everything in every department?  (Hello, Marcia!)

Marcia is one of my sisters.  She loves to shop.  A trip to a mall is an all-day affair.  She hits every store in the mall whether she needs anything from it, or not.  Even if she goes into a store not needing anything, she always seems to find something that she didn't know she needed. Uh-huh.

You know the type.

Marcia's husband (let's call him "St. Jack"... you'll soon know why)  goes with her to the mall.  

Sometimes he stays in the car and takes a nap.  Sometimes he stays in the car and reads a book.  Sometimes he follows her into the mall.  

Does he follow her into the stores?  No.  St. Jack finds a bench in the mall and while Marcia is window shopping, he people watches.  When Marcia comes out of a store and goes into another, St. Jack moseys on down the mall to another bench, and then another... and yet another.  St. Jack never complains, never hurries her, never whines.  Somehow, he manages to keep up with her and they leave the mall (some hours later) together.  

I don't like to shop that much.  Oh, unless it's a grocery store.  In a grocery store I can (and do) hit each aisle, each counter, each freezer and fill up a cart faster than you can say wholefoodstraderjoeswegmanskrogervonsalbertsons.

What could be more fun than that?  Grocery shopping online, of course!  

The WWW has become one ginormous supermarket!  Can't find proscuitto in your little town?  No problem... find it here.  Need some berbere for that special Ethiopian dish you're making?  No problem... find it here

You probably have your favorite online food vendors, but if you're like me, you always have time to take a look at another one.  I found this link today and thought I'd share.  Enjoy!     


  1. Karen these are some great links. I will favorite this. Thanks!

  2. Oh you sound like me! I'm not much for mall shopping but can waste an afternoon in a grocery store. Thanks for the links. The Oprah list will take me some time to check out but definitely saving it for all those obscure ingredients I can't find in my little town.

  3. Karen, being a St. Jack myself I couldn't believe it when I started using online grocery service. I even found one that guarantees the lowest price. www.FoodClubUSA.com , thanks for the links. There is hope for all us 'St.Jacks".

  4. Karen, being that I live in a gastronomical wasteland, these links are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. great links, and I may be using them soon

  6. i'm exactly like that, but only when it's about food. i really dread the mall. but i'll spend hours at the market. i only order stuff i can't find sometimes, like green peppercorns and golden caster sugar last week. thanks for the links!

  7. THANK YOU!!! I will soooo be looking through these shops because I attempted to get wonton wrappers to make your yumminess earlier this week 7 couldn't find them so ended up getting spring roll skins instead. Yeah, not so much the same thing lol. We made them work & dinner was admitedly really yummy but it would be nice to try them the right way. plus there was no making chocolate spring rolls and now I'm dying for chocolate wontons!

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  9. I think Oprahs page is more like speciality items or hard to find. I especially love lamb but it's hard to find online. I myself use SarichFoods.com and Grocerytrain.com/shop mostly. GT focuses on organic while SF does as well but are more restaurant type foods. I hate standing in lines so I love groceries online!


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