June 13, 2011

Mom's Blueberry Muffins

I wasn't sure it was going to stop snowing this past winter. Now, I'm wondering if it's ever going to stop raining! In May, Havre got dumped with 3.51" of rain (average rainfall for May is 1.84"). This month, we already have 2.33" of rain when the average is 1.90". Enough already! We should have planted our garden Memorial Day weekend, but it was raining. When the rain stopped for a few days, the ground was soaked and my gardener couldn't get in there with the roto-tiller. 

I bought some big, beautiful, healthy herb plants and kept them indoors until they begged to be repotted. I put them outside and they got battered by wind and rain. I think they'll all make it, but they sure don't look very pretty now.




 Flat Leaf Parsley


 My gardener was going to plant last weekend come hell or high water (hehe). We kept the garden covered with a tarp during the night and, if it wasn't raining, uncovered it during the day to dry out. He tilled the ground and we planted, but you can see the clods of dirt here, which was the best we got, as wet as the soil was. I planted three foot sections of mixed lettuce, radishes, and spinach on this end of the garden and will plant another three foot section each week. 
Here are the tomato plants, bell pepper, banana pepper, jalapeno, sweet cherry peppers and zucchini. They don't look like very happy plants, do they?
 You may have noticed that our deck is gone! My gardener has been busy already this summer. He built floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the garage and tore the deck down. We were hoping to keep the framing and just replace the floor, but all of the wood was rotten, so down it came. See the ladder beneath the slider? Those were our temporary stairs while the deck was down. 

Oh, see those two rugs draped over chairs and the grill? Our basement flooded, so yes, we've been busy. On top of that, my computer crashed and I was without for two weeks. I didn't even freak when the computer crashed because several months ago I ditched my external hard drive where I backed up files and signed up with Carbonite, an online backup system. So easy and no worries. They offer a free 15-day trial, if you're interested. This ain't no paid advertisement... Carbonite doesn't know me from Adam... I'm just super impressed with the service they provide.
When the skies weren't pouring down rain, my gardener has been out working on the deck and nearly has the framing completed. When it's finished, we'll have a party and you're invited!  
Now for the blueberry muffins! This is the recipe that my mom used and I've not tasted any better muffins than these. No mixer required; just put the ingredients into a bowl and mix by hand. So good right out of the oven with some butter! Be sure to sprinkle the dough with plenty of granulated sugar - it adds a little sweetness and a nice crunch to the top of these muffins.

Mom's Blueberry Muffins
1 cup blueberries
4T butter
1-3/4 cups flour
2-1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup milk

Melt butter in a mixing bowl. Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar into the butter. Add unbeaten egg and milk. Beat until smooth. Fold in blueberries. Put cupcake liners in muffin tins and fill 2/3 full. Top generously with additional granulated sugar. Bake at 375 F for 20 minutes. Makes 8 big muffins or 12 smaller ones.


  1. your plants looks unhappy, I know it will make it =) I also have one in my backyard and here in the Philippine we also have an extreme weather, but plants survive. your blue berry muffin looks great!

  2. Hello Karen, good to receive it on my blog again my dear friend, I hope that the problems are solved and come back with your delicious recipes (looks so yummy your muffins) and your beautiful posts like this which shows the beauty of your plants and your garden. I loved everything. Thanks for sharing. Did you know that I love sage tea?

    Kisses and thanks for visiting my blog and comments, always so tender!

  3. Your garden looks amazing! I love that you grew stevia...what a great idea!

    These blueberry muffins sound delicious. The perfect thing to wake up to!

  4. My poor little potted herbs look about like yours. They're starting to perk up now however, and just last weekend I was able to plant my tomatoes. It's been a long cold spring. Blueberry muffins are just the best. Thanks for this recipe.

  5. Whew, you have been busy, Karen. Our weather is so cold here that I haven't planted any herbs yet. I signed up for Carbonite a few weeks ago too. I couldn't face going through another computer crash and now I don't have to worry about it any more. What a good feeling!

  6. Your garden will be great this summer! We're in the same boat with you out there, way too much rain but it was great yesterday and today. We're re-doing the deck also and just put mulch around plants, etc today before the rain that's headed this way again for the next few days. Your muffins look sooo delicious and I could really go for one right now. Bet they didn't last long!

  7. Ooh all the herbs look so tasty! I loved seeing your garden pictures last summer, and look forward to more this year too. Someday we'll have a little raised-bed garden again I just know it. Deck looks to be coming along nicely, I'm up for a party for sure :-) Will you make these muffins for it though because my stomach grumbled just looking at them!

  8. Your plants look fantastic and healthy! I just do not get enough sun to do anything more than herbs. The muffins are so simple! I do like sugar sprinkled on mine too, love that crispy crunch it gives. I got to cook all week with Ma and we really had a great time. She said she would do more posts on BRK but said she does not know how to take pictures. I think we will try to work something out as she does love to post!

  9. Everyone has compliments for your garden and the muffins (which I love) BUT, I am way excited to come to your house for the deck warming party!! Woohoo!!!

  10. GORGEOUS garden photots.. So jealous!!
    I am a huge fan of blueberry treats. I love the simplicity of the recipe and will try this.

  11. I'm with you! Hasn't this cold Montana spring taken it's toll?? Thankfully the first day of summer is a gorgeous day and the start of a sunny week. My garden should stop looking so sad after a few days of this weather!

    The muffin recipe looks good - I was needing a good reliable recipe for my files and this is the one I'm going to keep. Thanks!


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