July 29, 2011

Raspberry Buckle

This is week 7 for our garden this year. We got a late start because of too much rain. I don't think the garden is as lush as last year at this time, but it's doing okay. The herbs I put in pots are along the edge of the garden and they are thriving. We've harvested spinach and radishes and one or two small tomatoes so far. There are bell peppers, yellow peppers and jalapeno's on the plants and lots of tomatoes and of course, zucchini with several blossoms already. The new deck is coming along and the railing will be up shortly.
When I was a kid, we'd pick blueberries just down the road from where we lived. My dad punched two holes in big tin cans and strung a rope through it so we could hang the can around our neck. 
I wish I had that setup yesterday when a friend let me pick these raspberries. I could only pick one-handed, but even that didn't stop me though from filling my bucket with these crimson beauties!
I came home and made Raspberry Buckle. How is a Buckle different from a Slump, a Grunt, a Cobbler, a Crumble, or a Betty? You can get the scoop right here.

The recipe I used is from Martha and it was very good. I didn't have any vanilla ice cream in the house, but I think a scoop along side a warm scoop of this would be great!


  1. Beautiful garden Karen and the Raspberry Buckle humm sounds and looks delicious,

    kisses my dear friend!!

  2. Wow, Karen, your garden is beautiful. Its astonishing how much produce can come out of a space that size. That buckle looks soooo good. I would opt for the scoop of ice cream too.

  3. Beautiful Karen. Same here, garden is behind because of a cold rainy May.

  4. I definitely don't bake with raspberries enough. this buckle looks delicious!

  5. Your garden is gorgeous! So much more tidy than mine. ;)

  6. I can't wait for the day when we can have a little garden here in the desert! Yours looks to be thriving quite well again this summer. I'm always in awe of your green thumb! Mmmm, raspberries :-) My cheeks are pulling in just thinking about them!

  7. Mmm - that does look great! Vanilla ice cream would be outstanding, and maybe some cool whip right on top of that? Mouthwatering. :)


  8. The buckle looks amazing! I will try it when our raspberries are ripe.


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