August 31, 2008

If we were fishing for dinner, we'd go hungry!

We went fishing Saturday at the Fresno Reservoir which was created by the Fresno Dam. The Dam holds back the Milk River, which is a tributary of the Missouri River.

Missouri River?? Milk River?? All this sounds pretty foreign to me after living on/near the Colorado for the last 42 years, but there you have it!

The Reservoir is 12 miles West of Havre. We trolled for Northern Pike and Walleye. We used blue lures, red lures, silver lures, lures with spinners, long lures, short lures, and black lures with yellow dots.

It didn't matter, the fish weren't having anything to do with us! B caught one Northern, but it was a little'un so back to the water he went.

We were on the lake for about 5 hours and even though we didn't come home with fish, it was a fun trip!

I thought this bit of shoreline would make a nice camping spot...
I like the way the water sparkled in this picture.
Here's our Cap'n... and a good Cap'n he is!
You can see how big the lake is -- 3,185 acres! That's a lotta water!

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