October 21, 2008

Ghosting it Forward

Linda from 7MSN Ranch tagged me with a "Ghosting it Forward" game this morning! It's like a PIF (Pay it Forward), but more, well.... ghostly.

Here are the rules of the "Ghost it Forward" game:

1) Have a ghostly image to pass along.
2) Tag three people on your blog, with links to their blogs. Tell about what great folks they are, or offer to send them a ghostly treat.
3) Include a link to Ghosting It Forward in your blog.

I'm going to send three people pictures of a ghostly sky....

To Jenn, who writes Random Lunacy. This one's for her because she loves California and is such a great writer! Check out her blog for a little of this and that! This is a picture of the August sky taken from El Centro, CA.

And here's a ghostly picture of the desert sky, taken on S-2 from Ocotillo, CA. This one goes to Rachel, who writes Sweet Tarte and makes some yummmmy sweets (and savories) that'll make your mouth water!

And this very ghostly night sky in Havre, MT goes to Suldog, who writes about his life in Massachusetts. He'll keep you laughing... and thinking!

Oh, there's no pressure! If you don't wanna play, I won't send my ghosties out to haunt you!


  1. Well, thank you for the ghostly sky! I'll try to play along soon - maybe next week?

  2. Those are beautiful sky shots!!

  3. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for including me in the game--your sky pictures are beautiful! I am going somewhere this weekend where I am hoping to take some ghostly pics to use....Stay tuned!

  4. Those sky shots are stunning! Thanks for playing along.

  5. Hey thanks so very much Karen! I am so behind on blog reading, can't believe I just got to this today! That sky picture is so amazing it makes me want to go back to Cali immediately :)

    I will probably play along on my next post, very cool idea :) thanks for including me & for all the nice things you said!


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