November 7, 2008

2008 Capitol Christmas Tree comes to Havre!

Each year, since 1970, a different State and National Forest has been asked to provide the Capitol Christmas tree and all the trimmings, which includes 5,000 handmade ornaments!

This year, the State of Montana and the Bitterroot National Forest had the honor of being chosen. In addition to the 60'+ Capitol Tree, Montana is also providing 70+ smaller trees for congressional offices and agencies throughout Washington, D.C.
The Capitol Tree was selected and cut during a ceremony in Hamilton, MT on Nov 1. A grand tour through the State of Montana is being made with ceremonies in 10 different cities. See Havre up there on the map? That's where we are... 43 miles from Canada. Looks like there's a golf course 3 miles up the road.
The U.S. Forest Service is escorting the tree.
Here's the truck in Havre on November 7. Imagine that standing straight up... that's one big tree!
This is Havre's Town Square where community events are held and where the Capitol Tree was on display. (Or should I say where the truck that is carrying the Capitol Tree was on display.) The tree you see in this picture is the Havre Tree and it's at the Town Square year 'round. The steps on the left are where you can peer into the truck to take a look at the tree. We could only see the top of the tree, but you could smell Christmas from several feet away!

The second set of steps is for short people to use to sign their names on the banner that's attached to the truck. (Yes, we did!)
This is Chris Gabrielsen, a Havre 4th grader who won a trip to Washington, D.C. for the lighting ceremony on December 2. He'll help Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, flip the switch which will illuminate the Capitol Tree with 10,000 lights! Yay, Chris! Click here and then click on 'ornaments' to read more about Chris. This is the route the tree will take to D.C.

My friend, Stephanie lives in Stafford, VA., which is about an hour from D.C.

Stephanie... I hope you can make it to the lighting ceremony at the Capitol! Wouldn't that be fun!
Researching the history of the Capitol Tree was interesting, and it made seeing the tree that much more fun! Afterwards, my gardener and I decided we'd get a hamburger at Wolfer's.
Wolfer's is a cute little 50's-style diner. They have pictures of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis on the walls.
Each booth has a sign with a cute name... Firebird Way... Gasoline Alley... Mustang Place. We sat at Buick Blvd.
We figured there were enough calories for two in the Texas Ranch Burger w/Fries, so we split it.
It was loaded with jalapeno's, bacon, cheddar, onion rings, and a mixture of BBQ sauce and Ranch. No substitutions, please.

We've been to Wolfer's before and have been less than thrilled with the food. The hamburgers are flavorful, but unlike Burger King, you can't have it your way.

At Wolfer's, you can ask for your hamburger to be cooked rare, medium-rare, or medium. Oh yeah, you can ask, but you're going to get it well-done, which makes for a dry hamburger.

I should say, though, that today's Texas Ranch Burger w/Fries wasn't as dry as other hamburgers we've had there... thanks to the bacon, cheddar, and mixture of BBQ sauce and Ranch, I'm sure.
Wolfer's has a dessert special every day. Today it was pumpkin pie...
... and lemon bars. (No, we didn't).

I hope you liked our little tour of Havre and enjoyed learning about the Capitol Christmas Tree!

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