December 13, 2008

Santa Claus

You know by now that California just does things differently. That includes bringing Santa Claus to town.

No boring sleigh rides for Santa when he comes to California - no way. No wriggling down sooty chimneys. No reindeer dashing here and there. No need for stops for them to be fed and watered, impeding Santa's trek to the warm sunshine. Santa Claus gets ushered in aboard a U.S. Coast Guard boat...
... and hops onto the dock full of excited children!
Santa wears shades (but only when he comes to California).
After Santa handed out gifts to all the kiddies, they each got to decorate a gingerbread man.
They ate pizza and candy canes!
This is my granddaughter's decorated (and partially eaten) gingerbread man. If this were the TV show, E.R., the headline would read "Gingerbread Man Arrives with Gunshot Wound to the Belly!"

Ho, ho, ho!


  1. lol -- ER, that was classic!

    Yeah Cali just does it their own way which is one of the reasons I love it there so very much, we have a lot in common that way ;)

    So I open your blog & thank goodness for you that you are not in your hometown today where the actual temp is -19...yikes, its not even January! Stay warm as you make your way back home girl :)

  2. Hi Karen,

    Great blog! I got the link for your blog from susan's. I liked the eggnog cookies, so ended up making some. I have added a link to your blog from mine (article is -Christmas cookies) if that's not a problem.


  3. Only in California! But Santa got there whether he was in a sleigh or boat!

  4. Neat! He also arrives by boat where i come from (in Louisiana). He comes down the Mississippi river by boat. Although, he can also be spotted arriving by shrimp boat in some of the towns that are down on the Gulf.

  5. Brrr! Jenn... really, how do people live in that weather??!!10:45p in MT now and 27 BELOW zero! I'm glad I'm in CA!

  6. Love the Santa with the shades. I mention you in my post today. Saw the National Christmas Tree and hope to see the Capitol Christmas Tree soon!

  7. I love different Christmas traditions. One year we were in Tucson a week before Christmas, and there were lights on the giant cactus plants. Very cool.

    Its -10 here, and we have snow, so thanks for sharing some sunshine.

  8. So funny! One of my family friends is dressing as Santa for his grandkids on Halloween and I can only imagine now how funny those pictures will turn out.


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