January 8, 2009

English Muffins

Homemade English Muffins are nothing like the kind you buy in a store. They taste so good and are so easy to make that I wonder why I'd ever buy store-bought again!
I looked for a 3" cookie cutter and found my little collection of cookie cutter tins I thought you might like to see. The cutters in the red tin have shapes like a diamond, heart and spade. Good for cutting out little tea sandwiches to serve at card parties.
These are my favorites. Ten little animals. Everything from a cow to a fox and they're only about an inch long. I'm going to have to make animal crackers and send them to my granddaughter.
On to the muffins! This recipe is a standard yeast bread mixture... milk, sugar, yeast, water, shortening, flour and salt. Mix it up, let it rise, roll it out, simple as that!

This rolling pin was my Mom's. I bet she got it soon after she and Dad were married. It's in great shape for being over 60 years old!
This dough is so easy to work with. It rolled out smoothly to about 1/2". I then used a 3" round cookie cutter - and made a few mini's while I was at it!
Let them raise for 1/2 hour then cook them about 10 minutes per side on a heated griddle. I don't think you can tell from this picture, but I used my cast iron round skillet... it doesn't show up on my black stove.
I double-dog dare you to make this recipe without eating one (or five) hot off the griddle.


  1. Your English muffins look great! I am going to have to try making them at home as well.

  2. English muffins are cooked on a griddle... who knew? They look wicked good, I'm definitely trying these. :)

  3. I will definitely try this, as I love English Muffins. Thanks!

  4. I would definitely lose your dare...the jam & butter option is one I could live on. Thanks for sharing, must try this out as I venture into the land of bread making (scary!)

  5. Your English muffins look perfect!! I'll have to try making some as I navigate yeast=land.

  6. Hi Karen,
    Oh how I enjoyed my visit. I've always wanted to try my hand at English Muffins. (although I have made crumpets:) Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

    P.S. The Simply Soup cookbook is a perfect giveaway since January is National Soup Month! Do you mind if I mention it on my next Soup Month post?

  7. Oh man do these ever look so good. So fresh and fluffy instead of those Thomas's thingies. I have only made crumpets I will have to give this a go sometime.

  8. 4 or 5? I would eat them all. I already put away 5 blueberry muffins this evening :)

  9. AAAAHHHH!!!!! I love english muffins and I live in a house full of low carb eaters!! I am the exception and it stinks sometimes! Like when I want to make these english muffins! I may just have to eat them all myself!! :)


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