January 28, 2009

Thematic Photographic 34: Simple

December 2003
We had the joy of babysitting our great-niece, Haylee (2 years old at the time), in our new home. We were in the process of putting in a lawn in the backyard and had dirt dug up and piled up everywhere.
Haylee helped water the potted plants and citrus trees, then filled the bird feeders with seed.
Her "work" done, she found a hill her size, filled a pail with dirt and wanted to make mud pies.
Her mother had sent her over in pretty blue (and clean) clothes with her hair all done up and a ribbon to match. There was no way I was going to give her back to her Mom all muddied, so I suggested we make playdough and she agreed. We went to the kitchen and I helped her mix up a batch of playdough from which she made "cookies" and "pies". When her Mom picked her up she took the playdough and went home happy (and clean).
No computers, no videos, no i-pods, nothing fancy, nothing expensive... just some simple homemade playdough. It's a good memory for me. I hope it is for her.
I love you, little girl!
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  1. Beautiful! Have fun! You can always clean up after the fun. She is a cutie pie :)

  2. Oh.. but the mud would have been so much more fun.ô¿ô

  3. She looks so pretty with her hair done up in a ribbon and her little bracelet! Sounds like she had fun.

  4. Adorable. And definitely what kids need more of nowadays. I'm 33 and even my generation was so, so much simpler.

  5. She is a doll...love her little hair-do:-)

  6. Ah, memories of playing in dirt... (though play-doh is fun, too!!!)

  7. There is nothing more satisfying than simply fun which does not involve electronic gadgetry or technology :) What an awesome memory!

  8. I haven't made play-dough in years. I'm going to do that with my grandson.
    Great memories for you!
    so..... we need a date for carrot cake?

  9. Sweet! She was a little two-year-old doll, and I'll bet she is still darling.

    I think the simple "fun times" are always the best, and some of the most well remembered. I can tell you're a good, kind auntie!


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