March 4, 2009

Handy Manny and the Kitchen Gadget

If you have young children or grandchildren, then you probably know who Handy Manny is.

Manny is on The Disney Channel. He has a repair shop in Sheetrock Hills. Always helpful and polite, Manny is an all around good guy. He has tools that talk and the minute anyone in Sheetrock Hills need help, the tools jump into action and off they go with Manny to save the day!Manny’s tool helpers include Rusty (a monkey wrench); Stretch (a tape measure); Flicker (a flashlight); Squeeze (a pair of pliers) and Dusty (a saw).

I was thinking about Handy Manny today while I was cooking. What if Handy Manny, instead of carrying tools, carried a bag full of kitchen gadgets! He could ride around town in his pickup handing out graters, measuring cups, and silicone basting brushes... anything to make the job easier!

I’d hear him say “Here you go, Mrs. Cooks… try this microplane grater instead… it will grate that cheese much better than what you’re using now!” Gee, thanks, Manny!

Well, I’m no Handy Manny but I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite helpers in the kitchen and one of the neatest little kitchen gadgets around!
See this flat rubber thing that's in the shape of a garlic clove? It will peel the skins off garlic like nobody's business!
Just put a clove on the mat, fold it over and roll it on the counter a few times.
There you have it! I used to have a garlic peeler like this, but I found it difficult to clean. I like the flat one and a few swishes in water and it's super clean. You can find the flat garlic peeler here!


  1. What a neat tool! I'll have to get one of those. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love my garlic peeler but I usually forget to use it!! Yours looks wonderful! I have that tube thing, my mom gave it to me years ago at Christmas!! I think it's lost in the great gadget abyss! :)

  3. That is awesome!! I always have lemon juice on hand to douse my fingers when I make sauce because of the garlic smell. so not sexy lol. This is going on the quickly growing list of must have gadgets thanks!

  4. I love simple gadgets that take almost no room to store.

    I'll look for one tomorrow.

  5. That's so cool, thanks for sharing!


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