May 19, 2009

How does your garden grow? Week 4

This is a weekly Wednesday post about what we see outside our kitchen windows promoted by the one and only Debbie from The Friday Friends! I don't know how I ever happened upon Debbie's blog but when I commented one day that I had driven through Winnemucca (where she lives) at Christmastime, she said I should have stopped! I liked her immediately... and if I'd known you were there, Debbie, I would have stopped! Debbie writes a friendly, funny blog with plenty of good recipes (I'm going to try this soon). She's in a book club and after they finish reading a book, they cook the book! If I could read, I'd join from afar! If you're not one of her Friday Friends already, you still have time!

You can bet that the next time I drive through Winnemucca, I'll stop to see Debbie. Watch... she'll decide to go to Reno that day...
This is what we started with. A nice raised bed garden that was here when we moved in last July. With all there is to relocating and getting settled, we didn't plant last year but were looking forward to it this year!
After the snow finally quit (I hope), my gardener got to work. First he roto-tilled the garden.
Then he raked.
Then, using the hoe, built up little rows for the seeds.
Here he is shaping the rows. See my shadow? I'm the photographer, he's the gardener. That's just how it is.
Here is is making a small trench for the seeds, which he then planted. Like the boots? Like the Wranglers? Like the watch? This is about as much as you'll ever see of my gardener on my blog. He doesn't have warts or anything, he just has some strange aversion to having his picture be on the internet. Hmm, maybe there are people after him... maybe he's in the Witness Protection Program. I'd better search the internet for him.
Then he watered. On Sunday we went to the nursery and bought some pretty flowers, which you'll see next week.

You can find previous garden posts here.

What's in your garden this week?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your garden looks good. My herbs are growing in pots until my backyard is done...

  2. I'm anxious to see your plants! We have had so much rain and the rabbits have been eating my green beans. My herbs are doing well, though:)

  3. Great layout Karen! I can't wait to see photos as your garden progresses. This is going to be fun!


  4. Yay! for you. No snow!! Very nice, very very, very neat and organized garden. I'm impressed!

  5. Karen, your garden will be lovely. I hope you'll update us as it matures.

  6. I seriously wish I could see that out my window right now :)

  7. The only plants I have, really, live indoors. Ferns, I think. Well, except for Pointy The Poinsettia, who will be getting his annual transplant outdoors in the next week or so.

  8. OMG!! He really is your gardener!! LOL
    and you are oh so kind in your words about me.
    Yeah, I'll probably be in Reno that weekend... that is why you MUST tell me when you are comming thru.
    or better yet...come to see just me!!

  9. This is our first year owning a home and our first garden! I am excited!

  10. Oh I can't wait to see! I love seeing other peoples gardens. I can't grow one myself so I just admire others.


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