July 8, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow? - Week 10

I love spinach and my little garden has lots of it! We've been putting it in sandwiches and have been eating spinach salad almost every night with dinner. One of my favorites has been a wilted spinach salad with a warm dressing. Watch out, Popeye!
And from the looks of this garden, I'm going to love tomatoes, too!
And zucchini! I want to stuff some blossoms with homemade ricotta!
Lillies started to bloom this week...
and the potted plants are filling out.
The radishes are woody... anybody know why? Too much water?
Not enough water? Let them grow too long? Please tell me!
We've had company and even though I've been cooking more I haven't had the time to take pictures... here are a few things we've been eating the last few weeks. This is baked spinach and feta stuffed chicken thighs.
I put some chicken thighs in the smoker and had to finish them on the grill because they were taking so long. (Note to self: start the smoker earlier in the day!) They still had a delicious smokey flavor.
We smoked some trout - one of my favorites.
I took all the meat off the bones and froze it in small packages.
I made a delicious smoke trout spread with cream cheese, chives and
seasonings... great with crackers!
More trout... this time stuffed with lemon slices and wrapped in butcher paper.
Put them on the grill and when the paper turns brown, the trout are done! Perfect!
I made some herb butter for our grilled corn. Yum!


  1. Your garden looks awesome. You've also been busy in the kitchen.

    I LOVED that ricotta!

  2. Oh, Karen your garden will be the envy of the cooking blogosphere. As to the radishes, the problem could be water but they also need cooler temperatures that some other vegetables.

  3. Oh man, I'm still wicked jealous of your garden. I love spinach too...

  4. Um, yes I am definitely envious of that garden. Holy crap.. its gorgeous! So is your BBQ dinner. How do you do it all!! So impressed.

  5. Your garden is looking lovely. Sorry I can't help you with the radishes.

    The food looks delicious too - grilling is the best.

  6. Your garden looks great! You must have had sunshine in your parts. I just recently came into 11 pounds of spinach! Lots of wilting....

  7. My new kitchen will be taking full advantage of some homemade ricotta next week when I go grocery shopping. I will totally let you know how it turns out!

    Your garden is amazing, I can't believe how fast everything seems to have grown! Is that risotto with the chicken? And are you going to share how you made the herbed butter? Sounds fabulous!

    This blog post IS summer!

  8. I love your gorgeous garden!And the food is to die for!
    As far as the radishes, I know they like cool weather, but mine were woody too. :(

  9. As I write this comment from the other side of the world with rain bucketing down for the 3rd day in a row, it's good to be reminded that summer isn't just a figment of my imagination!

  10. I am incredibly jealous of your amazing garden, it all looks wonderful!

    I've grown radishes a few times before and I think if they're woody it means you either left them too long or they went to seed.
    One of the things that will cause them to go to seed is if it's too dry or too hot.

    I hope that helps a bit!

  11. What a lovely garden. And the food looks great too.

  12. The garden looks fantastic. I think the woody radishes are because they were in the ground too long - they are usually ready in about 3 weeks, 4 at the outside.
    Try pulling them and planting the row again - you'll have more before you know it!
    Peace, Judi

  13. You have such a beautiful garden. I wish I have one as well..
    Happy Wekends!

  14. Your garden makes me jealous. I didn't even try after my fiasco last year :(

  15. I have missed your blog terribly!! I love your garden, I love your corn, your herb butter! Can I move in? LOL!!! I had a great plan for my garden, which you may see shortly, but the age old horse manure that I think was the basis for the dirt seems to have done it's job and I have a wild garden!! It should be fun to document, but yours looks so calm and wonderful!! That is my goal for next year!

  16. what a great little garden! i can't grow spinach in our heat and i use it like crazy, lucky you!


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