November 6, 2009

Lemon Shrimp with Orzo

This is a tasty, slightly spicy, and buttery lemon sauce with the addition of capers and a surprise - red curry paste!

If you're one who doesn't care for curry, do yourself a favor and try the red curry. It's a different taste entirely from the brown curry that many people (including me!) don't care for. This sauce would be delicious over fish and rice, too!


  1. Welcome back Karen ;) This dish looks scrumptious! We love curry.. either one.

  2. I have to try this recipe. It looks delicious and I love lemon, capers and shrimp. Thanks for the post. When I make it, I'll blog about it and most certainly credit you. Thanks Karen

  3. Recipe printed and on the menu this week! Looks delicious!

  4. Okay. I GOTTA try this recipe because your photo has me DROOLING!

    I'm putting red curry on my shopping list. Thank you for sharing... you always share such great recipes.


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