November 17, 2010

Liver and Onions

This is a picture of the beautiful country where my gardener and I live. It's acres and acres of rolling hills in North Central Montana. In the distance are the Bear Paws, aka the Bear's Paw Mountains. 

(From Wikipedia): Native oral history (of the Bear's Paw Mountains) ties the name to a lone hunter in search of deer to feed his clan. He killed a deer but, while returning to the prairie, encountered a bear. The bear held the hunter to the ground, and the hunter appealed to the Great Spirit to release him. The Great Spirit filled the heavens with lightning and thunder, striking the bear dead and severing its paw to release the hunter.

There are deer and antelope in these rolling hills. You might look at the rather flat land and think "Where would a deer or antelope hide?" There are no trees, but there are plenty of coulees. A coulee is a ravine in the land. You can walk these rolling hills and see nothing, but come up to the top of a coulee and there down in the ravine... if you're lucky...
... you might see a deer or, on this day, an antelope. Well, what do you know about that... this just happens to be opening day of antelope season.
I asked my gardener why we never have liver from deer or antelope. He said "It really isn't good for you." Well, yeah, but neither are Doritos or Twinkies, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat them every now and then! So, on this trip I took a plastic bag just for the liver. I'm sure I've lost some of you by now, just because we're talking about liver, but look at that... that's the most beautiful liver I've ever seen. It's fresh, it's perfect and it didn't come from a container from the grocery store that might have been who-knows-how-many-days-old.
I haven't eaten liver and onions in many years, but this was nothing like what I remembered. So tender, so succulent, so fresh! All I did was slice the liver and dredge it in a little seasoned flour before frying it. I caramelized some onions and it was the perfect dinner after a good day of hunting.


  1. Karen, I love liver and onions. I love beef liver, not hog liver, and I am on the bench as to antelope or deer. However, I will admit, your liver looks great. I have not eaten liver in years, but still remember how much I loved it as a child. By the way, your part of Montana is beautiful. In Wisconsin, we have coulees. They were formed by the glaciers many years ago. Large ravines between the hills.

  2. Now you're talking! I used to love going to Luby's or Furr's cafeteria (in Texas), so I could have liver and onions - nobody in my house was as crazy about this dish as I. :)

  3. Well Karen... I love your blog posts. It's been years since I've had liver, but..... I would eat it if you'd just invite me over! Geez.

  4. I love liver...always that is possible I get the liver pate...unfortunately my husband cannot stand the thought of liver :-( Wound love to have your liver and onions ...SO SO yummie!

  5. Oh be still my heart. There IS another person in this world that loves liver and onions? I actually order it when I see it on a restaurant menu because hubby won't even let me cook it at home for myself. It makes him sick. Wimp.

    Looks delicious Karen!

  6. That picture of the rolling grass is just gorgeous Karen! I've never had liver before and though it sounds unappetizing, I bet if you put it in front of me without telling me what it is - I would love it. Mind over matter.

  7. I have a quiver in my liver! Love that first photo, such great beauty. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. I grew up eating liver and onions and really enjoy it every so often. My grandmother usually fried some bacon to go along with it.

  9. Oh wow! I have not eaten liver and onions in years. It was a staple meal growing up. Certainly, I never had the opportunity to eat fresh liver. Impressive.

    Beautiful scenery.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Karen.

  11. ok, I'm putting mom on a train and sending her over for liver and onions. I've tried a couple of times to eat and and just can't acquire a taste, but my mom LOVES it. Probably has it once a week. Beautiful country.


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