January 18, 2013

Peas and Carrots Soup

Remember the part in the movie where Forrest Gump met Jenny for the first time?

As it turns out, Forrest was onto something. Just as he and Jenny were inseparable, so should peas and carrots be, because they're a perfect match, too! 

The other night I was going to sear some tuna steaks for dinner. I took a couple carrots out of the fridge to cut up and boil for our veggie. Then I remembered the peas that we got from the Farmers Market last summer, so I retrieved a package from the freezer. 

Then, because the temperature was in the teens, I decided to make soup instead. We still had the tuna steaks, but instead of plain boiled veggies, we had them in soup. The soup was such a pretty color, I said to my gardener, "Forrest Gump was right... peas and carrots do go well together!" 
There aren't many ingredients in this soup, so in order to get the best flavor, use the best ingredients... fresh peas, (or good quality frozen peas), real butter, freshly ground black pepper, and of course, homemade stock. 

I wish I could convince everyone who reads this to make their own stock and use it to make soup from scratch. Making stock is so easy and it makes a huge difference in the taste of homemade soup. If you made six quarts of stock and used a quart for six different soups, I can pretty much guarantee that you'd never go back to canned soup again.

Now, before I give you the recipe, I want to share a video I saw recently. For soup, I always used to cut carrots into rounds. The problem with that is that the smaller rounds will cook faster than the larger ones, so I'd end up cutting the larger rounds in half. Using the method in this video produces uniform pieces that will cook at the same rate, and I think they look nicer, too.


  1. I actually learned that technique from Martha Stewart in her first Entertaining cookbook. She did it for an interesting look on a crudite tray. I've never used it for soup but it makes sense. I almost always have several containers of homemade stock in the freezer. Yummy soup! Where did you live in SoCal? We used to live in La Jolla.


  2. Peas and carrots do go well together and so does soup and cold winter days like we are having here today. Your soup looks good, Karen. I bet your kitchen smells wonderful all the time from all the great things you cook.

  3. This sounds delicious, Karen! I am a huge fan of Forrest Gump- it's one of my all-time favorite movies, so peas and carrots sound perfect to me.
    I love your style of cooking- see what you have and turn it into something wonderful. My mother is the same way and she taught me well, we subscribe to the same philosophy!

  4. I always try to make my own stock. The cost is the same as purchased and the flavor much better. Nice soup Karen. I always cut carrots round, thanks for this tip.

  5. That soup looks very comforting and I love peas and carrots!I always make my own stock.....I love to have my own flavors.

  6. Movie time at Karen Cooks! Totally love Forest Gump, there's nothing not to like about it. Forest was right about peas and carrots and you are so right about homemade stock!

  7. Haha peas and carrots really are perfect together! What a great soup.

  8. Hello Dear Karen,

    I love peas and carrots in rice, but also in soup.

    With the homemade stock that soups sounds just right for these cold days.

    One day, one day I will go to Montana. it is in my bucket list.


  9. Soups are so diverse to make, and I love them year-round. I love this video with the roll cut. I learned something new, thanks to you!

  10. Soup is great with this freezing weather! Supposed to be -3 tomorrow morning and this soup would surely help!

  11. You are so right, Karen. Homemade stock is the key to a good soup. Carrots and peas are two of my favorite vegetables. Love this way to cut carrots, thanks for the tip.

  12. You have inspired me to do homemade stock more often. Your soup is great. Better than a box of chocolate.

  13. I like the carrot method to I call it diagonal chunks. Very technical term don't you think? GREG

  14. I love the idea of veggies in a soup as a side instead of them as a side on their own- it is cold here too. Love the carrot cutting vid- I will have to try that. And yes, homemade stock is the best. I save all my bones up in the freezer to make a big pot of it. My son calls it meat jelly since it gels up so nicely.


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