September 29, 2008

Beer Can Chicken

You've seen these gadgets to make Beer Can Chicken, right? They do a mighty job!

If you don't have one, you should get one! You'll have the moistest, most flavorful chicken ever - and it's fun!

Bring a whole chicken home, remove and discard the innards (or save them for something else) and rinse the chicken. Rub a little olive oil all over the chicken and season with your favorite stuff... I use garlic powder, rosemary, parsley, whatever is on hand.

Then pop open a beer and take a swig (the can should be about 3/4 full). I've used beer, soda, and sometimes just an empty soda can filled about 3/4 with water. The contents of the can doesn't seem to make a difference in the flavor or the moistness of the chicken.

I used Coke Zero, because that's what I found in the fridge! Put the can in the holder and set the seasoned chicken on the can.
At medium heat, it usually takes about an hour in a covered grill. To be sure, use a thermometer and cook until the chicken reaches a temperature of 180 F. You can find a great thermometer through my favorite Pampered Chef consultant.I halved some yellow and green zucchini and put them on a black iron skillet.
They were a great accompaniment to the Beer Can Chicken!

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  1. Hey Karen! Your Blog is great...and your Beer Can Chicken recipe was great too!! But...I didn't have the "gadget" I just put my chicken on a diet coke can, 3/4 full...and put it in a roasting pan. It sat a little precariously in the oven, but nonetheless...roasted beautifully. I will be looking for the "gadget" now! Thanks for all the great recipes!


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