September 30, 2008

Roasted Chiles

Oh man, I love Poblano Chiles!

I love the dark green color (wouldn't a scarf be great in that color?). I love the shape of them, the odor and the all the yummy dishes you can make with them!

I bought a couple of Poblanos the other day thinking I would make some Chile Rellenos (my all-time favorite Mexican dish!). But, as often happens in our house, our refrigerator is so packed with goodies, I kind of forget what I have tucked inside the drawers and behind the milk.

So, yesterday, I found these two Poblanos-- poor things-- almost over the hill, but not quite! I cut out the soft spots and decided to cut them into strips and roast them.
It's easy. Wash the chiles and cut them into strips. Put them on a rack and put them under the broiler until they're charred. I set my timer for 2 minutes so I can remember to check on them. (Why is it that it's so difficult to remember you have something under the broiler??)

After the chiles are charred, put them in a plastic bag to steam for 5 or 10 minutes.

Remove the skins from the chiles with your hands.
There you have it - ready for eating!

There are lots of dishes in which you can use these roasted chiles. You can make a simple Quesadilla Rajas by grilling some onions and putting the onions and chiles in a tortilla with cheese and grilling until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is toasty. Yum!

Or, click here for Rajas con Crema... this is one I'm going to have to try!


  1. Nice find. Nice move.
    Now will you tell me how to make a "mole"...?

  2. my dad stuffs them with mexican cheese and then fries them with egg around them. pretty tastey

  3. Yum...this is making me so hungry!

  4. Yum. Yum. Yum!

    I am a huge fan of anything Mexican and this would be the perfect quick solution to jazz up some boring enchiladas we have planned for later this week.

    Thanks for stopping by by blog, I will definitely be back to read more of yours :)

  5. That looks so good.I getting hungry by jsut looking at it.Thanks for sharing:0)

  6. cool blog! everything looks delicious!♥

  7. I love the smell of peppers roasting!

  8. Hi! My name is Fabiola from México. I love the Poblanos, and I love quesadillas. Aquí en México, hay lugares donde puedes comer quesadillas de todos los ingredientes que te puedas imaginar.
    Delicious!!! Congratulations!

  9. I love roasted chiles. I remember living in Denver and the smell of vendors on the corners roasting Anaheim chile's like those in your photos over an open fire. There was this little place, el Taco de Mexico, that made chile relleno burritos. I would sit at the counter week after week until the ladies finally taught me their secret. I can still taste that burrito now…

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