November 25, 2008

Green Beans in a Snap

I needed a green vegetable for dinner last night but didn't have any fresh vegetables that weren't planned for Thanksgiving. I didn't want to dip into that stash and have to go to the grocery store again before Thursday!

I don't buy many canned vegetables, but I had a can of green beans on hand. I chopped two strips of bacon and fried them up. This bacon was so meaty there wasn't much grease in the pan afterwards. After frying the bacon, I just wiped the pan out and put the bacon back in with some chopped onions.

In went one can of green beans (drained) and some freshly ground black pepper. A few minutes on the heat and they were ready to serve! Quick, easy and good!


  1. Green beans are one of my favorite foods.

  2. Cans are OK! You totally spruced up a great staple with some fresh ingredients. Looks yummy!


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