January 27, 2009

Elk Round Steak

My crockpot spends most of its life on a closet shelf. I wish I had counter space to keep it out all the time so I'd remember to use it more often! I've never been disappointed with a meal that's come out of a crockpot.

With wild game, you sometimes get a piece of meat that isn't quite tender enough; and because wild game is leaner than most beef, sometimes it will be dry. When in doubt, I use the crockpot.

I put an elk round steak in the crockpot today topped with a can of cream of mushroom soup (I know, I know... but it makes the best gravy). I sliced up half an onion and three cloves of garlic and put that on top. Then I poured in about a half cup of red wine and sat back and waited for the aroma to begin! Half the fun of using a crockpot is when you leave the house to do errands and return to the wonderful aroma that fills the house!

Compared to beef, elk is lower in calories, total saturated fat, total fat, total monosaturated fat, and higher in protein, iron, potassium, and niacin. Here's the nutritional value (per 100 grams) of Beef vs. Elk:
Calories: Beef 199 - Elk 156
Protein: Beef 27g - Elk 31 g
Total fat: Beef 9.3g - Elk 2.5 g
Iron: Beef 2.2mg - Elk 4.08 mg
Total Sat Fat: Beef 3.37g - Elk 1.04g
Cholesterol: Beef 105mg - Elk 78mg

Healthy and delicious!


  1. I've never seen elk for sale before and since my hubby isn't a hunter, I've little chance to try this dish, but I do LOVE my crock pots! Good for you for finding a way to use it well!

  2. I want some elk! Man, I miss knowing hunters.

  3. Wow. The comparison on total fat is startling.

  4. I've never had elk, but it sure sounds good!

  5. I have some elk meat in the freezer right now. Can't wait to cook it up. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. This looks wonderful...I am trying it today. Thanks...but, I thought cream of mushroom was a white color? hmm. Sure hope it turns out like yours.

  7. I just tried these for the first time today and they were delicious and a big hit with all the kids. Yum - thanks for the great recipe. The gravy turned out fantastic and the meat was tender and flavorful.

  8. How long do you cook this for? Wanting to try it out.

  9. Katherine, I left my crock pot on low and cooked the steaks for 8-9 hours. Thanks for reading and enjoy your yummy steaks!

  10. For those of you looking to purchase elk steak if you go online and search there are places where you can order elk meat. It's not cheap but then it's not cheap if you can get it from the local butcher either. We hunt but sometimes come up empty handed. Here are a couple of websites that I found in my search. I haven't ordered from them yet but am considering when we run out of elk.



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