September 25, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

Apparently, the tomatoes in our garden haven't had a peek at the calendar, otherwise they'd know that this is already September 25 and they might want to start ripening. We had snow on the ground in October last year.

Not a huge problem because we can still have fried green tomatoes!

I begin by choosing very green tomatoes. If they have started ripening they'll be too mushy after they're fried. I slice them about 1/2" thick and put them in milk or buttermilk.

In a small bowl, I put equal parts flour, cornmeal and breadcrumbs. I then add some dried parsley and lots of granulated garlic, freshly ground black pepper, cayenne pepper and Old Bay seasoning. This is spicy, spicy! All of this is combined well and put on a plate. I have two beaten eggs ready in a small bowl.

Each slice is taken out of the milk and dredged into the crumb mixture, then into the beaten egg and back into the crumb mixture.

Then they go into a big frying pan (with olive oil) and are fried until brown and crispy. I really like having a burner on the outside grill. Nice when the weather is warm and you don't want to heat the kitchen up!

These were really good... nice and spicy. I served them alongside some grilled venison which had been marinated in orange juice and mesquite seasoning. The breading works real well for fried fish, too!

So there you have it... fried green tomatoes as good as they serve at the Whistle Stop Cafe!


  1. I've never had fried green tomatoes, they look good!

  2. Karen, these looks really good. I love the heat you've added to your recipe.

  3. nearly all our tomatoes are green too tho i don't think we'll have snow in october so they might still ripen....last year i did chutney with the green ones but i think i'll be giving this a go as well this year

  4. I'm loving this recipe - I have a boatload of green tomatoes on my kitchen counter right now!


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