September 27, 2009

Stuffed Bell Peppers

So many pretty colors have come out of our garden and except for a handful of tomatoes, everything has been spotless and beautiful, including the first of our bell peppers. They were small, but they were sweet and tender!

We really enjoyed the stuffed zucchini I made last week, so I made another batch of stuffing (with venison) and added some cooked, brown rice to it this time. The peppers were then roasted on the grill with some yellow and red cherry tomatoes.
A perfect little all-in-one meal on a plate... meat, veggies, and rice. Delicious!


  1. My DSO would love to be eating at your table. First, the fried green tomatoes, then the venison stuffed peppers. If he's a really good boy, I make him a venison sauerbraten once a year.

  2. I have a similar recipe! Yours look fantastic!

  3. The colors are like those of a painter's palate. These sound really good!

  4. Man, those look awesome. My girlfriend won't eat stuffed peppers so I don't get them much.

  5. What a vision. We just ate the last of our tomatoes (not a good year) and peppers, so I'll have to get some at the farmers' market this weekend.

    This looks like Saturday's dinner!

  6. Karen this looks so good. I have been stuffing Italian peppers. It is such a good meal! A one dish deal!


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